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Done by the Dutch Trimbos Institute

Pilot with Cognitive Fitness in the mental health sector - 2012

Foreword Before you is the report on the study of Cognitive Fitness training in long-term care. Cognitive Fitness training combines physical activity with cognitive exercises. This research had the participation of three mental health institutions: Altrecht, Kwintes, and SBWU. In total, 40 participants embarked on this training journey. We were interested in the participants' experiences and whether they would feel physically and cognitively fitter after the 12-week training. In addition to a pre- and post-assessment, this pilot also includes a brief interview with the participants to capture their experiences. Trimbos Institute, January 2012 Manja van Wezep Karin Overweg Hans Kroon

(translated with Chat-GPT from the original Dutch version)


Cognitive Fitness in the mental health sector - 2015

This report describes the experiences and outcomes of the broader implementation of the Cognitive Fitness training at various mental health institutions across the country. In this case, the training was not conducted by the developers but by trained trainers from the institutions themselves. Furthermore, based on the pilot program, several adjustments were made: the training was extended from twelve to fifteen weekly sessions, and there was a greater focus on healthy nutrition. The research was expanded with a follow-up assessment conducted four months after the training to determine if any effects persisted.

The report is structured as follows: The first chapter outlines the training methodology. Chapter 2 details the research design. In Chapter 3, we examine how the method was implemented in practice and discuss the experiences with the implementation. Chapter 4 covers the outcomes of the course for the participants. Finally, in Chapter 5, we summarize the key insights from the research and discuss the results. Trimbos Institute 2015

(Translated by Chat-GPT from the original Dutch version)

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